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Customs Declaration

For sending items outside of the EU a Customs Declaration (CN22) is required to comply with legislation. This is automatically provided by our Kiosk for the relevant country.

Please do make sure you attach the completed Customs Declaration form to your parcel.

This will make it easier for the destination country’s customs service to process and makes it far less likely the package will be returned to you. It is important that this is completed accurately, signed by the sender and attached to the parcel. This is the sender’s responsibility.

Failing to do this will result in the parcel being refused by Customs and potentially destroyed.

Further information can be found at the HMRC website.

We recommend you add your name and address to the top left hand corner of your package, as this will enable us to return your package should overseas Customs authorities refuse it entry into their country or your item is returned undelivered.

We are only able to accept parcels for export with a completed Customs Declaration form with a maximum declared value of £270. Parcels with a value above £270 will need to be sent via another carrier.

Customs Charges

Countries outside of the EU have individual Customs Regulations and Charges which vary by country. Any customs charges levied will be the responsibility of the recipient/sender and are not included in the postal charge, which is in line with all couriers.

Senders should check individual countries customs regulations to ensure they are aware of any likely charges.

Customs fees are payable in the recipients country and  non payment will result in delays or destruction of your item.

Prohibited & Restricted Goods

Parcels2Post restrict or prohibit certain items from being transported. This is to comply with transport legislation and ensures that mail in transit does not present a danger to the general public. We want to ensure parcel deliveries are safe for everyone and many everyday items, such as aerosols, nail varnish and perfumes, are considered dangerous goods under transport legislation.

Failure to comply with this legislation could result in prosecution. You are responsible for checking whether or not an item is prohibited or restricted.

We reserve the right to refuse any other item banned by law or that in our opinion may be harmful or dangerous to our customers or employees. If you send prohibited or restricted goods we may deal with the goods as we see fit, including destroying or disposing of the relevant items..

A full list of Prohibited items can be found HERE

A full list of Restricted  items can be found HERE

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