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Using the Automated Terminals


  • Q: I need some help in using the terminal
    A Please ask a member of staff nearby, who will be pleased to help you
  • Q: Why do you not accept cash payment?
    A We aim to offer the best prices for our customers  and management of cash is an additional cost that would have to be passed on to our customers. During the trial phase the vast majority of our customers said paying by card was easier and quicker and was not a problem. For customers without access to a debit or credit card, prepaid debit cards are available from a number of providers.
  • Q: Do you store or use any of my personal details?
    A No. We do not share, sell or use any of your personal information, other than for us to be able to contact you should there be a problem with your parcel. Leaving us your email or mobile number will enable us to contact you more quickly in the event of a problem.
  • Q: My Credit card receipt has failed to print
    A Regrettably we are unable to reprint credit card transaction slips. However you will be able to obtain proof of transaction from your card provider.
  • Q: How secure are your credit card terminals?
    A Our credit card transactions are completed on secure servers and no data is retained on any of our terminals. We fully PCI DSS compliant.
  • Q: My Credit/Debit card has been declined
    A Your parcel transaction will not have been processed or your card charged. Please try another card or contact your card provider for reason for declining.
  • Q: I need a VAT receipt
    A The VAT charged, at the appropriate rate, on your transaction will be shown on your receipt.
  • Q: I have put the wrong label on the wrong parcel
    A It is important that the right label is on the right parcel. Please speak to a member of staff who will be able to help you
  • Q: My parcel is too big to fit on the scales
    A If the item is too big, over 1.2m or over 15 kg regrettably we are unable to accept, as it will not be transported by our couriers
  • Q: I am not sure if my item is a Large Letter or a Parcel, how can I be sure?
    A Our size 2 items are up to 750gms with maximum dimensions of  23mm x 35.3cm x 25cm. Anything larger or heavier must be selected as a parcel. This is to comply with Royal Mail sizing and incorrectly processed size 2 items will be held pending payment of additional fee.
  • Q: Why can’t I send a 2kg parcel untracked?
    A We are able to offer a tracked service at the same price as untracked, so this is offered as an additional benefit to our customers
  • Q: Why do you not send to certain countries?
    A There are a few countries where we do not offer our services. This is because the service levels we want for our customers cannot be guarenteed
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